Cymry Communication combines real-world expertise with innovative thinking to produce positive results in the following core services:

Turnaround and Restructuring
Immediately take steps to stop the downhill slide and to stabilize finances and operations. These steps go a long way in providing a base level of confidence that actions are being taken to improve the existing environment and to work toward a comprehensive plan that will result in a vibrant, flexible and financially sound organization. Throughout the process, there is emphasis placed on financial analysis, cash management, organizational optimization, operations improvement, cost control, governance, and transparent reporting.

Performance Improvement
Businesses not only need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, but they need to achieve higher levels of operational and financial flexibility to navigate uncertainties. Areas of focus to maximize value in this area include the following:

  • Assessment determine the starting point by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Create a plan for improvement.

  • Organizational Design and Optimization review functional strategies and implement supporting practices across the organization. The result is refined focus, reduced capability gaps, and streamlined processes.

  • Operations Improvement reduce costs through such changes as reducing redundant processes, improving systems, updating technology, and shortening the time to results. Key to success is the establishment of performance measures and accountability.

  • Project / Program Management deliver project / program benefits by assessing and making necessary modifications to current plans and staffing; assigning responsibility and authority; actively managing at all levels; addressing major blocks; and accurately reporting progress.

  • Interim Management
    Cymry consultants are prepared to step into C-level roles when companies face leadership challenges. These interim managers provide the continuity that is critical to achieving the strategic initiatives and resulting benefits.

    Establish the structure to assure that all entities are focused on achieving the organizations' purpose and desired outcomes. Transparency throughout operations, finance, and reporting is essential.